Survival of the
Cerrado depends
on you.

Yours too.

Learn more about the game that challenges you
to preserve the second largest Brazilian biome
and see how you can do your part.

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The future is in your hands
Are you going to make the right choices?


Future in your hands is a survival game set in the Brazilian Cerrado

You are the owner of 500 hectares of land in the Cerrado and your mission is to cultivate your land without harming nature. Your only company is the Counselor, a maned wolf that knows the Cerrado like the back of his paw

You choose what to plant, where and how much. The decisions you make in the game (just like in real life) affect not only the success of your farm, but the health of the Cerrado, of the waters that supply your water tank and millions of lives that depend on the biome

What kind of owner will you be?
Download the game on your smartphone and find out

Against devastation,

Cradle of the waters of Brazil and 5% of all animal and plant species in the world, the Cerrado is a Brazilian wonder in danger. See why it needs your help.

Discover the Cerrado

Source of water and power for almost all of Brazil, the Cerrado is an important character for the country. Get to know the biome in graphics.

What kind of future awaits us?

The future of the Cerrado depends on our actions. Check out two forecasts: an optimistic and a pessimistic one

Giant by nature

See some of the beauties of the Cerrado in photos and videos

To know more about the cerrado and wwf-brazil activities in the region

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